Library Policies

Policies & Procedures:

1. All registered students and staff have a membership to the Library.

2. ID card is required for access to facilities and services.

3. Food is not allowed in any area of the Library. Bottled water and beverages in tightly sealed mugs are allowed. Drinks in open cups, foam or paper cups, cups with plastic lids, and soda cans are prohibited within the library space.

4. Library is a quiet learning environment, and all users must be mindful of other learners. Library furniture has been situated to provide the best possible seating for students. Please do not move chairs or tables.

5. Visitors cannot use the space unless they are given prior permission.

Copyright and Licensing Restrictions

Remember that you must not copy or print multiple copies of published materials (i.e. books, journals, websites etc.) beyond what is permitted. Users must conform to the University’s contractual obligation and to the Bahraini Law on copyright.