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Library Hours Announcement

Monday, September 27, 2021


Dear All,

Following the reopening of the campus as per the announcement from the Ministry of Health and the Higher Education Council in Bahrain, we would like to remind you that all university services are available either on campus or online as following:


The library will operate from 8:30 am to 10pm, Sunday to Saturday. The library has a maximum capacity of 129 seats, which must be booked in advance. To extend the maximum opportunity for all users to access the Library, the following guidelines must be followed:


The Library seat booking guidelines are as follows:

  1. Book your seat using the ‘Find a seat’ system https://lrcroombookings.rcsi-mub.com/
  2. Seat can be booked for a maximum of 5 hours. Extensions are available only for IC3, SC1, SC2 and N4 students.
  3. You must have a confirmation email before accessing the library seat. 
  4. You must make your booking atleast 6 hours prior to accessing the seat.
  5. You must take the seat allocated to you. Any change of seat must be approved by the library staff on duty.
  6. Study room spaces are no longer group study rooms but individual seats. If booked, you may have other students who are not part of your study group coming in to occupy a seat in the room.
  7. You must sign in before taking up your seat and sign out when your time is up.
  8. Booked seats will be held for 30 mins. After 30 mins your booking will be cancelled and your seat can be reserved by another user.
  9. You must ‘wear a face mask’ and maintain social distancing when you are using the library.
  10. The Library is a quiet learning environment. You are requested to respect the regulations of the library.
  11. No eating in the library. You are allowed to bring in coffee or other beverages in a tightly sealed mug.


Library staff will request your student ID for identification. You must carry your ID card with you at all times. It is recommended that you plan your seat booking in advance. Users who violate the Health & Safety regulations will be denied access to the learning space.


Kind regards,

RCSI Bahrain Library